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Hitachi SJ700D Series AC Drives

Hitachi SJ700D Series

Hitachi industrial SJ700D Series AC Variable Speed Drives and inverters are the first off-the-shelf units with integral easy sequence programmable functionality (EzSQ) as a standard feature. The SJ700D Series inverters can handle complex applications with ease because of the new Easy Sequence (EzSQ) programming software, precise positioning, and safe stop according to EN954-1. The SJ700D AC Variable Speed Drive is undoubtedly the most powerful in its class.
Explore the high-level features of Hitachi industrial SJ700D Series AC Variable Speed Drives below:
  • Advanced Sensorless Vector Control and Auto Tuning
  • “Easy Sequence” (EzSQ) software
  • High starting torque at low speeds (150% at 0.3Hz)
  • Full Vector Control with optional Feedback Board
  • Micro Surge Voltage suppress function
  • Improved and simplified auto-tuning
  • Built-in PLC type programming functions
  • Built in Modbus/RTU communications
  • Ratings:
    – 1/2 hp to 75 hp, 230 V, 3 phase
    – 1 to 600 hp, 460V, 3 phase

Hitachi SJ700D AC Drive – Variable Frequency Drive
200-240 volt, 3-phase

SJ700D Item # HP Volts Phases Amps
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-004LFUF3 1/2HP 200-240V 3 PH 3.0/3.7A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-007LFUF3 1HP 200-240V 3 PH 5.0/63A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-015LFUF3 2HP 200-240V 3 PH 7.5/9.4A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-022LFUF3 3HP 200-240V 3 PH 10.5 / 12A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-037LFUF3 5HP 200-240V 3 PH 16.5 / 19.6A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-055LFUF3 7.5HP 200-240V 3 PH 24 / 30A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-075LFUF3 10HP 200-240V 3 PH 32 / 44A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-110LFUF3 15HP 200-240V 3 PH 46 / 58A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-150LFUF3 20HP 200-240V 3 PH 64 / 73A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-185LFUF3 25HP 200-240V 3 PH 76 / 85A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-220LFUF3 30HP 200-240V 3 PH 95 / 113A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-300LFUF3 40HP 200-240V 3 PH 121 / 140A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-370LFUF3 50HP 200-240V 3 PH 145 / 169A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-450LFUF3 60HP 200-240V 3 PH 182 / 210A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-550LFUF3 75HP 200-240V 3 PH 220 / 270A

Hitachi SJ700D AC Drive – Variable Frequency Drive
380-480 volt, 3-phase

SJ700D Item # HP Volts Phases Amps
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-007HFUF3 1HP 380-480V 3 PH 2.5 / 3.1A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-015HFUF3 2HP 380-480V 3 PH 3.8 / 4.8A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-022HFUF3 3HP 380-480V 3 PH 5.3 / 6.7A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-040HFUF3 5HP 380-480V 3 PH 9.0 / 11.1A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-055HFUF3 7.5HP 380-480V 3 PH 14 / 16A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-075HFUF3 10HP 380-480V 3 PH 19 / 22A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-110HFUF3 15HP 380-480V 3 PH 25 / 29A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-150HFUF3 20HP 380-480V 3 PH 32 / 37A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-185HFUF3 25HP 380-480V 3 PH 38 / 43A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-220HFUF3 30HP 380-480V 3 PH 48 / 57A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-300HFUF3 40HP 380-480V 3 PH 58 / 70A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-370HFUF3 50HP 380-480V 3 PH 75 / 85A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-450HFUF3 60HP 380-480V 3 PH 91 / 105A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-550HFUF3 75HP 380-480V 3 PH 112 / 135A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-750HFUF3 100HP 380-480V 3 PH 149 / 160A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-900HFUF3 125HP 380-480V 3 PH 176 / 195A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-1100HFUF3 150HP 380-480V 3 PH 217 / 230A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ700D-1500HFUF3 200HP 380-480V 3 PH 260 / 290A

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