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Hitachi Software Downloads

Hitachi Industrial Inverters Software Downloads

Hitachi provides free industrial inverters software downloads, including drive programming software and USB-Convertercable Driver, and other related software. The industrial inverter software makes the operation of Hitachi industrial inverters smooth and easy. Browse through the following sections to download software related to Hitachi industrial inverters:

Drive Programming Software

Hitachi industrial inverter configuration and programming software is available for download at no charge. You are free to download, install and use the software in accordance with Hitachi software license agreement.

Two software packages are currently supported; the new ProDriveNext and ProDrive. Use of these software packages depends on several factors. Read the descriptions below and select the package according to your needs.

Note: Files created using ProDrive are not compatible with files created using ProDriveNext, and vice versa.

ProDriveNext Software 

The ProDriveNext Software is compatible with following series of Hitachi industrial inverters:

  • NES1
  • WJ200
  • L700
  • SJ700
  • X200

To download ProDriveNext, click on the link given below. Once you have submitted the download form, select Save (do not select Open or Run) to download the software to your computer.

Installation procedure for Pro Drive Next Version 1.2.40:

  1. Double click the “Setup.exe” file (not the “setup.bat”) placed inside of PDN 64 bit folder inside of folder under Inverter Data Library found in the folder called PDN_INV_1_2_40_2Eng/BasePart.
  2. Select Yes if Windows ask for acceptance of activating this program.
  3. Installation will start. Select Yes if Windows ask for acceptance of installation folder.
  4. Follow the same steps by double clicking on the “Setup.msi” files inside each folder below in the following order.

    Next 3 programs will need to be installed sequentially.

    | — Inv
    | — InverterOperatorComm
    | — Modbus.Comm

  5. After the completed installation of these four programs, please double click either “dpinst32” or “pinst64” placed inside the “InstallImages” folder. This is an installation program for USB driver, and after selecting Windows version (32bit or 64bit), installation will start.
  6. After the installation of the USB drivers is finished, open ProDriveNext using the newly installed icon within the Programs files in your computer, and click on “Configuration” on top of tool bar. Then click on “Update Catalog” to get all the devices installed or updates from previous data files.
  7. You can now begin creating new parameter and program files with the ProDriveNext projects.